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Harness Google Analytics’ Amazing Features

There are several paid analytics solutions that can offer great solutions, but for a fairly high cost. Google Analytics, when implemented properly, can generate significant impact on your company’s bottom line. By being cost effective, Google Analytics can help you identify trends and patterns within your business that can be applied to functional areas other than marketing or advertising. While Google Analytics is an affordable solution, it’s also fairly complex and requires an expert to properly configure and setup the account. Honey Bear can help your company deploy an advanced Google Analytics implementation and begin understanding your website’s key performance indicators.

How We Use Analytics

If not already setup, we’ll need to implement the code into your website. Our experts will meet with your Marketing team to discuss the company’s digital marketing strategy, then setup goals, and begin tracking Key Performance Indicators within your Analytics account. Honey Bear’s team also implements customized reporting based on your company’s specific goals. We can help you track e-Commerce website sales, completed lead forms, White Paper downloads, or other custom goals within your company’s website.

Reporting and Actionable Data

After reviewing the data trends within Google Analytics, we can help your company identify patterns and trends where we can strategically improve the sales or lead generation process. Once the custom reports are generated, Honey Bear’s Analytics team enjoys meeting with our clients where we can share meaningful marketing and advertising recommendations based on real data.

AdWords and Social Media Reporting & Analytics

Honey Bear Digital’s team can also assist with custom AdWords and Social Media reporting. By using unique tracking solutions and reporting within your digital marketing campaigns, we can analyze and optimize your company’s digital marketing ROI.

Honey Bear Digital’s Analytics Team can help with:

  • Custom Dashboards & Reporting
  • Mobile Site Analysis
  • Digital Campaign Tracking
  • User & Funnel Paths
  • Custom Event Tracking
  • Google Tag Manager Tracking


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